Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Toyota Unveils the Walk Training Assist Robot

On the wings of Honda’s most successful robot, Asimo, Toyota has unveiled four of its own, which are slated for the health care industry.
All four robots represent collaboration between Toyota technology and the Fujita Health University Hospital in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, which pinpointed the special needs that are incorporated into the functional designs of the robots.

The Walk Training Assist Robot is a boon to paralyzed patients who need help with balancing themselves and walking, and to their caretakers, as they gently guide them to desired locations.

The robot works via sensors that guide the strides of patients as it detects the intention to walk.

Mounted onto a paralyzed leg, as indicated by the above photo, the sensors are located at the thigh and foot, detecting hip movements and helping the knee swing and the legs move forward to facilitate walking.

The Independent Walk Assist Robot pictured above is designed for adjustment as the patient makes progress walking. It supports the patient’s weight and reduces said support as the patient improves. This machine is also a great help to physicians in calculating a patient’s progress as it monitors metrics such as joint angles.

The Balance Training Assist represents another important aspect of rehabilitation training. Resembling a Segway, this machine is a two-wheeled balancing game that displays on a monitor one of three distinct games (tennis, soccer or basketball). The patient shifts his or her weight against the robot in order to play the games.

The Patient Transfer Assist Robot is intended for caregivers. Its weight-supporting arms and mobile platform help in patient transport, intended to simulate the experience of being carried by a person.

Since 2005,Toyota has been running the “Partner Robot Division,” which employs about 200 people and focuses on robot-based solutions for medical, manufacturing, short-distance personal transport and house-cleaning chores. It is hoped that by 2013, these robots will be available for sale to medical facilities.

Robots are here to stay and to help mankind in sickness and in health.

FF VII Fan Made Remake

A fan who is developing an unofficial remake of Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII PlayStation RPG began streaming a gameplay video from the remake.

The video shows a recreation of the original game's opening sequence, as well as some first-person gameplay and a battle sequence.

Samurai Warriors 3 Z Special Uses PS3 Save Data As An Unlock Key

Have the PlayStation 3 version of Samurai Warriors 3 Z or this year’s Samurai Warriors 3 Empires? Keep your save data because you can use it to unlock all of the characters for Samurai Warriors 3 Z Special.

Samurai Warriors 3 Z Special is a portable version of the PS3 game (which is actually an upgraded Wii port!). The PSP release supports two player co-op and a four player versus mode through an ad-hoc connection.

After Samurai Warriors 3 Z Special comes out on February 16, Tecmo Koei plan to support it further with downloadable content.

Source: Siliconera

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